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Study Chinese in Penghu Islands, Taiwan!
Short or Long Term Study Options Available

If you are interested in studying Mandarin Chinese abroad in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, we highly recommend you visit Penghu Islands, Taiwan (R.O.C). Here in Penghu, the "Carribean" of Taiwan, you will find the popular Mandarin Chinese Language School, "AKAN LANGUAGE CENTER" where you have the option to study Mandarin short-term (one month period of study) or long-term (two months-one year).
BENEFITS: AKAN Language Center, located in Magong City (Penghu's largest city) is a popular choice for many Mandarin language learners interested in short-term courses since the official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese. Additionally, the majority of Penghu natives do not speak fluent English, giving students many opportunities to practice their Mandarin outside of the classroom setting. Classes are held 2 hours daily Monday-Friday. AKAN has year-round FLEXIBLE class enrollment. Students may enroll and start anytime and decide the length of study. AKAN's students are provided with convenient fully furnished modern housing (either in the same building location or a separate building less than a one minute walk away) and free wi-fi (please see full list of ammenities below).
METHODOLOGY: A key feature of AKAN's teaching method are our one-to-one private classes and small group classes (2-3 students). Classes are held 2 hours daily, Monday-Friday. The affordable class tuition includes a textbook and workbook.
AMENITIES include: furnished and air-conditioned private/shared bedroom (sheets, blankets and pillows are provided), shared furnished kitchen (flatware, dinnerware, cups, utensils, pots, toaster, microwave, rice cooker, gas stove, refrigerator and detergent provided), shared gender-based bathrooms (tissues/toilet paper and soap provided -please bring your own towels), shared air-conditioned living/study room, free wi-fi, television, washing machine (detergent provided), iron/ironing board and indoor garage (for scooter/bicycle*).
*Although taxis are available in Penghu, it is highly recommended you obtain an international driver's license prior to your your arrival at our school, since public transportation is extremely limited. The best mode of transportation are scooters (international drivers licence is required) which can be rented locally for approximately $100USD/monthly.
AKAN LANGUAGE CENTER is located in Magong City, Penghu Islands, Taiwan with 448 kilometers of coastline, it is made up of an archipelago of 90 islands. Studying Mandarin in Penghu is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. It is a relaxing and stress-free environment, as their is abundant natural beauty and little to no traffic.
Penghu, Taiwan's best kept secret, boasts abundant natural outdoor beauty, including azure skies, white clouds, blue waters teaming with aquatic life and pristine beaches. The islands of Penghu offer breathtaking world class scenery, rivaling popular beach destinations like the Carribean, Jamaica and Mexico. Whether you like to snorkel, scuba dive or island hop, Penghu is a can't miss destination for any nature lover.
Penghu is conveniently located between Taiwan and Mainland China and is within a four hour flight from all the capital cities of Asia. According to one Quality of Life poll conducted in Taiwan, residents of Penghu are the most satisfied with the quality of security, making Penghu a very safe place to live and study.
Additionally, in another poll conducted in Taiwan, Penghu was selected as one of the five places that enhanced the quality of life for Taiwanese. From downtown Magong to local fishing villages, residents are friendly and welcoming towards visitors. AKAN is uniquely located among such special environs described above.
SURROUNDING AREA: Within a short walking distance from AKAN: is a covered marketplace selling produce, prepared foods and raw meat daily (6:00 AM-11:00 AM), a 7/11 convenience store (sells everything from prepared foods, snacks, beverages, toiletries, basic household goods and even undergarments), a bakery, brown sugar cake (a Penghu specialty) shop, restaurants serving Taiwanese cuisine (including hot pot, shaved ice), and after 18:00 or 6 PM a small "food night market" opens across from AKAN offering fresh squeezed juices, Taiwanese cuisine, bread/cakes and fried ice cream. A local supermarket (no produce), Starbucks coffee shop, Dominoes pizza and a beautiful harbor are all a 5 minute walk away.
10 minute or less scooter ride from AKAN: Fresh fruit/vegetable outdoor market (open from 6:00 AM-12:00 PM), restaurants, local variety stores, juice/coffee/tea shops, shaved ice shops, supermarkets, POYA (a favorite 3 floor modern variety shop), Daiso (a popular 3 floor trendy Japanese discount variety store), souvenir shops and several beaches.
ABOUT US: AKAN LANGUAGE CENTER was founded in 2004 by a Japanese gentleman who taught Japanese to Penghu residents. Over time, it grew from a Japanese language school to a multi-language school. AKAN is a small language center, however, we ensure all of our students are satisfied with their language learning experience at our school. AKAN's professionalism and quality language learning is uniquely offered with affordable tuition/accomodations in a beautiful and relaxing environment. All AKAN students have daily opportunities to practice their newly learned language skills with Penghu's friendly residents.
BENEFITS OF STUDYING AT AKAN: Students who study at AKAN can focus on learning Mandarin Chinese without stress, since, fully furnished housing, class books, and wi-fi is provided. Unlike large language schools, we are able to accommodate students with flexible enrollment as well as tailored class sizes (for ex. should you wish to study at our school with your spouse or friends). Despite our affordable tuition, whether classes are one-to-one or small groups, we ensure our professionalism and high standards for language learning at our school.
TUITION/LODGING: example of bills
The fee is $15 USD/per person per day for a single room. Shared rooms are $10 USD/per person per day. During the summer (June 1st - September 30th), an additional fee of $15 USD/ per month is required. Private one-to-one Mandarin courses are $10 USD/per hour. Small group courses (2-3 students) are $5 USD/per hour. Tuition must be paid in cash (NT only). Credit cards/checks are not accepted.
Additionally, class size, location and arrangements may be adjusted when necessary. For example, if Chinese teachers are limited, or the Chinese ability of students are at various levels, we may make necessary adjustments.
AKAN has eight Chinese teachers
We have English speaking teachers available. Miss PAN and Mr. JIANG are our English teachers. Miss CHEN and Mr. XIE graduated from Foreign Language College.
Study Chinese abroad in Penghu, Taiwan
CENG-jia in Wangan-island
Magong City, Penghu, Taiwan
Enjoy water sports at Penghu's beautiful beaches while studying Chinese part time in Penghu, Taiwan
Penghu, a breathtaking geographical location, see examples here
Penghu Island provides an incredible opportunity to learn Chinese part time and enjoy an extraordinary travel experience!
AKAN Language Center's Contact Information and Address see school photos here
President: Gan-Anzhi
Address: 128-2 Hsinming-Road Magong-City Penghu-Pref.TAIWN(R.O.C.)
Tel & Fax: 886-6921-9647
Skype name: Email us and we will inform you of our Skype name
Our e-mail address*:
*Our e-mail address is altered here to avoid spam (junk mail), please delete sakujyo- from the beginning of the email address
Arrival Information:
1.) Email us at the above email address regarding your arrival date
2.) Banks and ATMS accepting foreign bank cards are extremely limited therefore bring Taiwanese dollars with you
3.) Fly into Magong City Airport (MZG)
4.) Take a taxi to AKAN Language Center (approximately $7 USD or $200 NT)
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